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In the simplest of terms, The Embodied Present Process™ is a life-changing journey that carries you into a new experience of wholeness. The journey is made possible by a series of small steps –  simple practices that help you escape the rat race of the head and come home to the grounded clarity of the body’s intelligence. It is a journey that opens you to yourself by opening you to the present.

So TEPP isn’t like other modalities that might provide you with a chance to feel calmer, or less anxious, or more grounded for fifteen minutes a day. It doesn’t philosophize about what you should do (“just be present”) without telling you precisely how to do it. Nor does it offer a quick fix (“Three easy steps to solve all your problems!”). TEPP is practical and patient. It is a series of specific explorations that accumulate in their effect to heal fragmentation, and bring spacious clarity to your life. Along the way, they provide you with skills, choices and tools that will serve you for a lifetime.

Philip Shepherd talks about TEPP


The Embodied Present Process is a set of simple exercises that enable you to bring clarity and presence to your life by embracing the intelligence of your body.  

Philip Shepherd is recognized as an international authority on embodiment.  His unique techniques have been developed to transform our disconnected experience of self and world, and are based on the vision articulated in his celebrated books, New Self, New World (2010) and Radical Wholeness (Nov 2017).  He developed the practices of TEPP to help people reunite the thinking of the head with the deep, present and calm intelligence of the body. Unlike the prevailing view of embodiment – which involves sitting in the head and ‘listening to your body’ – Philip’s approach helps you listen to the world through the body. What the body most deeply understands is that it belongs to the world. When our thinking is tempered by that understanding, we discover companionship in the world rather than alienation; we recognize guidance where before we saw only obstacles; and we ground ourselves in the security of being, rather than seeking to build security for ourselves with symbols of external value.  Ultimately, TEPP is about coming home to yourself. 

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