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4 PODCASTS AND 4 EMBODIED MEDITATIONS  delivered online or via an app each month, for the first six months. Each month is dedicated to a specific theme relevant to everyday living. After six months, you will receive an audio embodied meditation every other day to help ground the practices in your life.

A GROUP ZOOM CALL with Philip each month to dive deeper into the theme of the month and the work.

JOIN THE TEPP FACEBOOK COMMUNITY Ask Philip questions, get support and engage with other TEPP members.

BONUS ACCESS to an explanation of the Four Frameworks of TEPP as well as Seven Experiential Exercises as an intro to the work. 

ADDITIONAL PODCASTS & EMBODIED MEDITATIONS to support you in connecting more deeply to yourself by connecting more deeply with your body.

How You'll Get It 

Each month, for the first six months, we will deliver 4 new podcasts and 4 embodied meditations, which you can access anywhere, anytime.

The four podcasts are designed to bring context to the work, to help you recognize and move beyond cultural assumptions about embodiment.  The four meditations will help you soften the neurological patterns living in your body, so you can more clearly be alive to the present, connected to your true nature.

Afterwards, you will receive a new audio embodied meditation every other day.

...and if you ever wish to end your subscription you can do that by simply sending us an email.


Launch Offer for You


But this introductory offer will end when the launch period ends. 

Our aim is to offer practices to improve your way of life, because if you're not present to your life, you miss it. The membership community offers new perspectives, support and practice for just $20 - all from the palm of your hand through an APP! It helps you discover what's possible when you get in touch with the wisdom of the body. And it also puts you in touch with Philip and the TEPP community.  I'm excited to offer this membership to you, so we can increasingly become the change the world so desperately needs.


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