The Embodied Present Process 

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How Can I Expect to Benefit From Bringing TEPP into my Life ?

Many people who’ve experienced this work say it has changed their lives. We are used to living in our heads and have come to believe it’s a normal way to be, even though it makes us feel anxious and disconnected and ungrounded. The practices of TEPP help people find their way home to the ease of the body’s natural spaciousness – and that eventually becomes the foundation for everything in their lives. It enables the clarity of the present to support them in all their relationships and enterprises. 

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What is The Embodied Present Process (TEPP) ?

The Embodied Present Process, or TEPP, is a series of simple, embodied meditations that help people feel the limitations in their responsiveness to the world, and appreciate how those limitations are reinforced by what we have learned from our culture.  The meditations developed by TEPP allow you to move beyond those limitations so you can reconnect to yourself and the world in a new way. 

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Being Truly Present

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